Hallem Lab, Spring 2019

Leo presented a poster at Research Poster Day 2019!

Lab Lunch, May 2019

Lego Tiffany
Congratulations Spencer on your thesis defense!

Daily Hammy!

Congrats Spencer on turning in your thesis!

Happy birthday Astra and Navonil!

Another productive day in lab (not our fault...)

Wendy received the Dean's Prize at Research Poster Day 2018. Congratulations, Wendy!

Halloween, 2017

Photo credit: Dr. Janet Goins
Feli received the Dean's Prize at Research Poster Day 2017. Congratulations, Feli!

Hallem lab pumpkins, Halloween 2016

Joon's farewell lunch, July 2016.

Thanks to Astra, we now have an official lab logo!

Hallem lab pumpkins, Halloween 2015

Ryo's farewell dinner at The Boiling Crab, May 2015.

Halloween 2014
Hallem lab pumpkins, Halloween 2014

Hallem lab at work, September 2014

Graduation 2014
Graduation 2014: Congratulations Joon, Jenny, Anastasia, and Arezoo!

Science Poster Day 2013
Science Poster Day 2013: Congratulations Joon and Jenny!

Halloween 2013
Hallem lab pumpkins, Halloween 2013