Lab Meetings

Our lab meetings are on Mondays from 1 pm - 3 pm in 1601 MSB. After your lab meeting, please deposit a pdf version of your presentation in our lab's UCLA Box folder.

Lab meeting schedule for Fall 2019:
 Date      Main Presenter  Meeting Type  Paper Highlight Presenter Food Provided By
September 2ndno meeting    
September 9thIvanlab meetingElissaElissa 
September 16thno meeting 

September 23rdno meeting    
September 30thno meeting
October 7thNavonil and Elissameeting reviewsnoneElissa
October 14thElisalab meeting Astra Navonil
October 21stTaylorlab meetingnoneAstra
October 28thAstralab meeting TaylorElissa
November 4thno meeting 
November 11th no meeting    
November 18th no meeting
November 25th no meeting
December 2nd Valentina / Timmielab meeting none Elissa 
December 9th lab safety meeting