Lab Meetings

Our lab meetings are on Mondays from 1 pm - 3 pm in 1601 MSB. After your lab meeting, please deposit a PowerPoint or pdf version of your presentation in our lab's UCLA Box folder.

Lab meeting schedule (tentative) for Winter 2020:
 Date      Main Presenter  Meeting Type  Paper Highlight Presenter Food Provided By
January 27thAstra (start time: 2:15 pm)practice talk noneElissa 
February 3rdno meeting (Anthelmintics meeting)
February 10thStephanielab meeting AstraElissa
February 17thno meeting    
February 24thNavonillab meetingStephanieAstra
March 2ndMichellelab meetingNavonilStephanie
March 9thElisa and Ivan (start time: 1:30 pm)lab meeting noneNavonil
March 16thDana (time TBD)lab meetingMichelle   Elissa